Executive Board Orders

Board orders not listed on this website can be obtained by contacting the Michigan Gaming Control Board in writing.

Board Public Meeting on Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Level 1 and Level 2 Occupational Licenses Granted: 151

Supplier License Applications Approved:

Detroit Spectrum Painters, Inc.

Incredible Technologies, Inc.

Masque Publishing, Inc.             

New Key Persons Approved:

Daniel Evan Cohen, Supplier AGS LLC

Todd P. Cravens and Mark Allan Lipparelli, Galaxy Gaming, Inc.

Eddie Lawrence Conrad, RAM Construction Services of Michigan, Inc.  

Chad Ryan Barnhill, Greektown Casino, LLC

Supplier License Renewals:

Allied-Eagle Supply Company, LLC d/b/a Allied Office Specialists

American Gaming & Electronics, Inc.

Arrow Motor & Pump, Inc.

Cammegh Limited

China Town Market, Inc.

Data Financial, Incorporated

dPOP L.L.C. with new key person Jennifer Elizabeth Janus

Duffey, Petrosky & Company, L.L.C. with new key persons CP Marketing, Inc., and The Mark Petrosky Trust of April 16, 2002, as amended and restated on January 19, 2016

General Linen Supply Company d/b/a General Linen and Uniform Service

IGT with new key person Heather Jane McGregor

Micro Wise, Inc.

Midwest Game Supply Company

Motor City Electric Co.

Northern Lakes Seafood & Meats, L.L.C.

SMS Staffing Solutions, Inc.

TCS John Huxley America, Inc.

The Printer, Inc.

Transfers of Interest:


RAM Construction Services of Michigan, Inc.

Supplier License Application Withdrawals:

Assemblers III, LLC

Brainstorm Logistics, LLC

Davis Iron Works, Inc.

Administrative Law Judge Proposals for Decision Regarding Occupational Licensees:

Elton Carr II

Sidney Lee Davis

Acknowledgements of Violation of Casino Licensees:

Greektown Casino, L.L.C.

MGM Grand Detroit, L.L.C.