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Our mission to provide decent, safe, affordable housing for Michigan residents is accomplished with the help of the Lenders and Realtors that work with us. MSHDA’s programs are uniquely designed to allow more people to buy homes and to stimulate the housing market by issuing federal tax credits to eligible borrowers.

If you are already a participating lender – our secure Lender Online website is the best place to find program information (manuals, forms, announcements); file information (make reservations, check loan status); administration information (Lender letters, staff directories).  If you do not have access to Lender Online, please contact Sarah Bohne at bohnes@michigan.gov.

 Our current underwriting turn time is 48 hours from noon the day the package is received.  You can check the status of your loan package at Lender Online

Homeownership Programs

MI First Home

MI Next Home

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC)

Property Improvement Program (PIP)

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MI First Home - Lender Requirements and Application

MI Next Home - Lender Requirements and Application

Mortgage Credit Certificate Lender Requirements and Application


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