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A FREE Credit Report for Michigan Residents

DIFS recommends that consumers check their credit report at least once every 12 months at Monitoring and reviewing your credit report is an effective way to help fight identity theft. serves as a central source for each of the three major credit reporting agencies. Consumers can request a report from each credit reporting agency within a one year period. Experts suggest that instead requesting reports from all three agencies at once, consumers request a single report every four months or so from a different agency. This strategy can help detect potential problems like identity theft sooner. is a free, no-obligation service established by federal law and provided by the major credit reporting services. You will not be required to purchase or subscribe to anything to view your credit report, though you can opt to pay a fee to learn your credit score number.

To get your report, you will have to provide certain information including your name, social security number and address. The online service has numerous features to protect the security of the information you send and receive.

Annual credit reports are also available by telephone.

Phone toll free: 877-322-8228
Hearing impaired consumers can access the TDD service at 877-730-4104