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Michigan Hospitality and Tourism Industry Workforce Analysis Report

The intention of this report is to support workforce development across the state and to highlight the position of Hospitality and Tourism in Michigan. It is designed to explore the industry sector through leveraging a variety of data sources. These include key occupations, education and training requirements, real-time online job ad demand, labor force projections, workforce demographics, the talent pipeline, and more. This report was designed and published alongside seven other important industry areas of the state. To view the full report and other industry sector reports, visit the Michigan labor market information website

Employment is Down but Wages have Grown

The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is responsible for almost 10 percent of all employment in Michigan and is prevalent in every region of the state. This industry was hit particularly hard by the pandemic and while employment has been steadily improving, this sector still hasn’t recovered fully. Wages have increased by 32 percent since 2015 in the sector, outpacing average statewide wage growth. However, with earnings just above $25,000, Hospitality and Tourism is the lowest paid industry sector in the state.       


Opportunities Exist Throughout the State 

Opportunities in the Hospitality and Tourism industry sector are ubiquitous in Michigan and are attainable for most everyone. This sector is heavily prevalent in every region of the state with most occupations requiring a high school diploma or less. This represents a plethora of options for individuals to gain work experience and earnings, regardless of educational attainment or location.


Source: Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics, U.S. Census Bureau


Women Hold Employment Majority Within Industry

Hospitality and Tourism is an industry sector that is dominated by women. More than half of the employment in the sector belongs to women. However, they earn far less than their male counterparts, on average, at every level of education. The pay disparity exists in all other industry areas of the state, but Hospitality and Tourism is one of two sectors, including Healthcare, where women hold the employment majority.  

For a more comprehensive analysis on the sections highlighted above, please review the full report. Additional content includes key occupations, real-time demand, employment projections, and more.