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Michigan Works! Regional Update: Earnings by Gender in the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation Area

The Michigan Center for Data and Analytics recently released an updated Women in the Michigan Workforce report highlighting some of the challenges women in Michigan’s workforce currently face. As discussed in the report, Michigan women who work full-time, year-round earn about 81 cents per dollar that men earn.

Women who work full-time year-round and live in Detroit make about 91 cents per dollar that men earn. While the gap between men and women is less pronounced in the city, median earnings overall are lower than what is seen statewide. The median earnings for women living in Detroit measured just over $40,000 compared to nearly $49,700 statewide.

There is a slightly larger earnings gap in median earnings among all women living in Detroit of 88 cents per dollar that men earn. Statewide, this gap is about 68 cents per dollar that men earn, significantly greater than what is seen among women who work full-time year-round.

Earnings Gaps by Education for Detroit and Michigan

The earnings gap for women age 25 and over across most levels of educational attainment is less pronounced in Detroit when compared to Michigan except for women with less than a high school diploma, who had a greater earnings gap than women with the same educational attainment statewide. Women in Detroit who completed some college or an associate degree earned about 86 cents per dollar that men earned. This was similar to women in the city who had earned a bachelor’s degree. Statewide, women earned 66 cents and 67 cents per dollar that men earned across these two educational attainment tiers, respectively.

Women in Detroit age 25 and over have a smaller earnings gap across most educational attainments compared to the state. 

Earnings for Women as a Percentage of Men’s by Educational Attainment in Detroit and Michigan (Ages 25+)  

Source: 2022 One-Year Estimates, American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau


For a more comprehensive analysis of the challenges facing women in Michigan’s workforce, please review the full Women in the Michigan Workforce report.

Contact the Michigan Center for Data and Analytics with any questions about the report or related data.