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Job Ads Continue to Rise in March

There were 201,120 online advertisements for Michigan jobs in March 2024. This was a 4.5 percent increase in advertisements from the previous month, which had just over 192,400 ads. Nearly 40 percent of March’s advertisements were newly posted, meaning they did not carry over from previous months.

The supply and demand rate represents the number of unemployed persons (supply) in Michigan compared to the number of all available online job advertisements (demand) in the state. The rate decreased over the month from 1.10 in February to 0.99 in March 2024. This means there were roughly 99 unemployed people for every 100 available job advertisements. Over the past year, the rate has fluctuated slightly and was at its highest in October 2023 at 1.23. Since then, it has continued to decline but remains elevated over the year from 0.81 in March 2023.

The Michigan Works! areas (MWAs) with the greatest number of job advertisements were Oakland County (35,480 ads), West (33,130 ads), and Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) (26,290 ads). These three areas accounted for nearly 50 percent of all advertisements in March 2024. Additionally, these three areas also have the largest populations of all 16 MWAs. West is the most populous overall with 1,455,530 residents. The three MWAs with the fewest number of job postings were West Central (1,980 ads), Northeast Consortium (850 ads), and Region 7B (620 ads). Unsurprisingly, these three areas had the lowest populations of all 16 areas which can, in part, explain the low number of job advertisements.

March 2024 supply/demand rate indicated 99 unemployed people for every 100 job advertisements.

Source: Lightcast Developer, Help Wanted OnLine & Local Area Unemployment Statistics, Michigan Center for Data and Analytics

Spotlight: Summer Internships

As the summer months approach, the number of advertisements for internships typically rise in Michigan. March 2024 had 2,930 advertisements for internships, which was a 1.6 percent increase over the month from the 2,890 ads in February. Similar to the overall job advertisements for March, the MWAs that produced the most internship advertisements were Oakland County with 690 ads, SEMCA with 650 ads, and West with 410 ads. The MWA covering Oakland County is home to just over 77,000 teens (ages 15-19) while SEMCA MWA has a slightly higher population with 81,000 teens. Lastly, West MWA has the largest population of teenagers in the state at approximately 101,000.

The internship advertisements covered a variety of industries, such as Manufacturing (730 ads), Retail trade (310 ads), and Professional, scientific, and technical services (280 ads). More specifically, Software developers (110 ads), Pharmacists (80 ads), and Market research analysts and marketing specialists (70 ads) were the most advertised occupations. The companies that posted the greatest number of internship advertisements were Magna International (100 ads), University of Michigan (50 ads), and Tenneco (40 ads).

There are several online job boards where internship advertisements are posted. Some examples of the sites that hosted internship advertisements include Pure Michigan Talent Connect (, DirectEmployers (, and Indeed ( Many of the internship advertisements were also posted through individual employer websites.

The Manufacturing industry had the greatest number of internship advertisements in March 2024.

Source: Lightcast Developer, Help Wanted OnLine