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Online Job Advertisements Fall in April

There were 175,940 online job advertisements available in April 2024. Just under 40 percent (39.1) of these advertisements were newly posted, which means they did not carry over from previous months. Total job ads decreased by 9.8 percent (-19,130 ads) from March 2024. Additionally, advertisement quantities from the past nine consecutive months have not exceeded 190,000, which is a significant drop from April 2023’s 224,640 online ads.

Monthly online job advertisements have been much closer to totals seen prior to notably high levels in 2021 and 2022.

Source: Lightcast Developer, Help Wanted OnLine

The supply and demand rate is an indicator of the number of unemployed people (supply) in relation to the number of available job advertisements (demand) within the State of Michigan. The rate was 1.08 in April 2024, which means there were approximately 108 unemployed people for every 100 job advertisements. This is an increase from the previous month which had a rate of 1.02.

The industries that were most represented in April’s online job advertisements were General medical and surgical hospitals (8,440 ads), Limited-service restaurants (5,130 ads), and Colleges, universities, and professional schools (4,110 ads). Conversely, the industries with the fewest number of job advertisements were Commercial and institutional building construction (560 ads), Hardware retailers (540 ads), and Beauty salons (540 ads). Within the top industry of General medical and surgical hospitals, the companies that contributed the greatest number of advertisements were Corewell Health with 3,500 ads, Trinity Health with 1,770 ads, and Bronson Healthcare with 430 ads.


Spotlight: Annual Planning Information and Workforce Analysis Reports Job Advertisements by Occupation Groups

The Michigan Center for Data and Analytics recently released the Annual Planning Information and Workforce Analysis Reports for 2024 by each Michigan Works! area. Included within the reports are tables showing 2023 online job advertisements by occupational group and top occupations (Tables 15 and 16). The Michigan Works! areas that led the state in total job advertisements during 2023 were Oakland County (142,450 ads), West (139,690 ads), and Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (100,140 ads). Together these three areas accounted for 44.5 percent of the available advertisements in Michigan in 2023.

Statewide, the occupational groups with the greatest number of job advertisements in 2023 were Sales and related (95,710 ads); Healthcare practitioners and technical (93,820 ads); and Management (88,970 ads) occupations. Sales and related as well as Healthcare practitioners and technical were the topmost advertised occupational groups in 14 of the 16 Michigan Works! areas.

Looking at individual occupations, Registered nurses and Retail salespersons stand out across the Michigan Works! areas. These occupations were among the top three most advertised during 2023 for all but two of the Michigan Works! areas. Capital Area and Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC) were the only areas that did not show both Registered nurses and Retail salespersons within their top three. The topmost advertised occupations in Capital Area for 2023 were Software developers (3,840 ads); Computer occupations, all other (2,150 ads); and Sales representatives, goods, nontechnical (1,920 ads). In DESC, the top three were Registered nurses (3,240 ads); Sales representatives, goods, nontechnical (2,320 ads); and Software developers (1,900 ads).

Sales and related occupations were the most advertised occupational group in Michigan for 2023.

Top 10 Occupational Groups in Michigan by Total Online Job Postings (2023)

Source: Lightcast Developer, Help Wanted OnLine