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Total Michigan Online Job Advertisements Were Just Under 175,000 for May 2024

There were over 174,500 available job advertisements in May 2024, which was a 1.2 percent decrease from the previous month. Of these ads, 73,330 (42.0 percent) were newly posted in May, which means they did not carry over from prior months. A significant portion (20.3 percent) of Michigan’s job advertisements were posted from Detroit (14,240 ads), Grand Rapids (13,360 ads), and Lansing (7,840 ads).

The companies that posted the largest quantity of job advertisements in May were predominately within the healthcare industry. Corewell Health, Trinity Health, and Henry Ford Health Corp remained in the top five companies with the most job postings. These three companies have been together in the top five since September 2023, which emphasizes the ongoing demand for healthcare workers. Unsurprisingly, the General medical and surgical hospital industry drew the most job advertisements with 8,660 ads.

Healthcare companies lead in job advertisement quantity.

Source: Help Wanted OnLine, Lightcast Developer

The supply and demand rate is an indicator of the number of unemployed people (supply) in relation to the number of available job advertisements (demand) within the state of Michigan. The supply and demand rate rose to 1.20 in May 2024, which suggests there were roughly 120 unemployed people for every 100 available job advertisements. This is higher than the previous three months but compares to the rate of 1.20 in January.

Spotlight: Job Advertisements by Minimum Education Levels

Minimum education specifications on job advertisements help employers and applicants determine the knowledge and skill level needed to effectively perform a job’s requirements. The minimum requirement of education is the lowest level an employer will accept; however, it is possible that there are higher educational attainments that an employer would prefer. A majority (51.9 percent) of job ads in May listed a high school diploma or GED as the minimum requirement. The most advertised occupations for those with at least a high school diploma were Retail salespersons (2,190 ads); First-line supervisors of retail sales workers (2,080 ads); and Customer service representatives (1,610 ads). Advertisements that listed a high school diploma as the minimum education level also requested skills such as merchandising, customer service, and Microsoft Office.

Advertisements requesting associate degrees as the minimum requirement represented just under 10 percent of job advertisements in May. The top three industries requesting an associate degree were General medical and surgical hospitals; Nursing care facilities; and Home health care services. More specifically, the top occupations that require at least an associate degree were Registered nurses (1,560 ads); Licensed practical and vocational nurses (720 ads); and Medical and health services managers (220 ads). To supplement the skills needed for these occupations, the most requested qualifications were registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), and basic life support (BLS) certification.

Lastly, approximately 38.3 percent of job advertisements in May listed a bachelor’s degree or higher as the minimum education level. The top occupations that request a bachelor’s degree or higher included Registered nurses (2,010 ads); Software developers (1,370 ads); and Computer occupations, all other (1,180 ads). These advertisements also requested skills in communication, project management, and Microsoft Office. Companies with the most ads listing a bachelor’s degree or higher as a minimum requirement were Corewell Health, the University of Michigan, and Ford.

The demand for associate degrees has grown more than other education levels since 2020.

Job ad growth by minimum educational requirement indexed to May 2020

Source: Help Wanted OnLine, Lightcast Developer