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Mandated Reporters
  • The Michigan Child Protection Law requires certain people to report their suspicions of child abuse or neglect to Children's Protective Services at the Department of Human Services.


    If you'd like to learn more about your requirements to report suspected child abuse and/or neglect as a mandated reporter, contact your local DHS office for available training.


    Mandated Reporter Hotline

    If a mandated reporter is dissatisfied with the response by DHS, the mandated reporter may contact the Mandated Reporter Hotline at 877-277-2585. Prior to calling the hotline, the mandated reporter must first attempt to talk with the local DHS office director about his or her concerns.

      Find out if you're required to report and how. 
    Mandated Reporter Details
    Review list of mandated reporters, their rights and what to do if they suspect abuse or neglect.



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