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PLEASE NOTE:  If you are reviewing a filing that does not have a final disposition (approved, disapproved, filed, etc), portions of the filing may be subject to change as a result of the Department of Insurance and Financial Services’ review of the filing.  It may be important, therefore, to check this link again for the final disposition.  Additionally, in some situations changes may be made after final disposition is issued.

2017 Rate Filings - Individual Products - ALERT

The 2017 Individual Product filings are not yet complete. Partial filing information was submitted by issuers on May 9, 2016.

DIFS would caution evaluation of 2017 rate changes based on current filing data.  Issuers were required to file pro forma rates by May 9, 2016 to comply with CMS initial submission requirements.  These pro forma rates may or may not resemble an issuer’s proposed rates for 2017, which are not due to DIFS until June 20, 2016.