Dispersed Camping

Dispersed camping can take place on state-owned land other than state parks, recreation areas, state forest campgrounds or state game area campgrounds. You can camp anywhere on State Forest Property as long as:

You must also post a Camp Registration Card (PR 4134) at your campsite. See the links below to download and print a Camp Registration Card. The Camp Registration Card may also be available at your local DNR Office.

Camp Registration Card  PDF icon


  • Using a pencil, print all requested information in plain and legible English. Include the name and complete address of each member of the camping party. Use additional Camp Registration Cards if necessary.
  • Post this card prominently at the campsite* before making camp. DO NOT post on a motor home, camper or trailer; post elsewhere on camping site.
  • Leave this card at the campsite at departure.

Please note: It is recommended that the completed Camp Registration Card be placed in a zip-top bag to protect it from the elements. It is the responsibility of the camping party to ensure that the registration card remains legible.

Additional regulations are described on the Camp Registration Card.