The Administrative Guide to State Government

  • How to Use the Guide The Administrative Guide to State Government presents, in either printed form or in an electronically accessible standard format, what an informed person should know about the major processes through which State government operates.
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  • Current Administrative Officers Excel iconCurrent list of Administrative Officers for each department.
  • Pending Additions and Revisions to the Guide Listed below are proposed additions and revisions to the Administrative Guide to State Government. These procedures have been circulated to affected state agencies and departments.

100 Facilities

200 Property Management

300 Office Services

400 Vehicle & Travel

500 Purchasing

600 Contract Administration

800 Risk Management and Insurance

900 Preservation

1000 Administration

1100 Budget Process

1200 Financial Management

1300 Information Standards and Planning

1500 Employment

1600 Accessibility

1700 Permits

1800 Manifests / Registration / Licenses

2200 Health

2300 Technical Assistance

2400 Selected Michigan Statutes

2500 Information Access

8000 Glossary