Annual Fatality Information

Annual Fatality Information

Use the information in this table to build hazard awareness and prevent risk for similar occurrences in your workplace.  This table shares preliminary details about many of the fatalities reported to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

Fatality Number




Type of Injury


Location (City)



Sheet Metal Worker
Severe Smoke Inhalation & 3rd Degree Burns A 37 year old sheet metal worker was in the process of torch cutting and welding when it is believed he had ignited the flame-retardant insulation between the hopper and building structure.  The fire traveled up the 65-foot tall structure trapping the sheet metal worker inside the hopper.  Fire-Fighters were able to extricate him, but he had sustained burns to his head and severe burns to his hand and wrist in addition to smoke inhalation.  The sheet metal worker, one other employee, four sub-contractor employees, and two fire-fighters were transported to area hospitals.  All but the sheet metal worker and one other employee were observed and released.  The sheet metal worker succumbed to his injuries as a result of the fire on January 15, 2015.  Farmington Hills
2. 03/20/15 Crane Operator Trainee
Struck By A 61 year old was fatally injured after being struck in the head by a 9,400 pound bundle of steel round stock he was moving with an overhead crane. Warren
3. 04/15/15  Laborer
Struck By A 49 year old laborer was aloft in the base of a tree trunk where the two sections meet up (tree crotch) removing a trunk section.  The trunk section kicked back after being cut, striking the employee resulting in fatal injuries.   Oakland Township
4. 04/18/15 Shipping Coordinator
Struck By A 41 year old shipping coordinator was directing trucks into the loading bay where trucks drive into and out of to be loaded with steel. After directing one truck into the bay to be loaded, the employee was waving another up into position when the truck that just entered backed up striking the employee and crushing her. Ecorse
5. 04/24/15 Painter
Fall A 28 year old painter was painting a guardrail on the third story of a house and climbed over the guardrail to paint. While holding onto a baluster and painting with the other hand, the guardrail gave way. The employee fell thirty feet to the ground. Ann Arbor
6. 05/01/15 Part Time Truck Driver
Crush A 48 year old part time truck driver and another employee were working on a truck to free a stuck wheel brake when the truck rolled, crushing the part time truck driver and injuring the other employee. Houghton
7. 05/05/15 Energy Center Operator
Crush A 53 year old energy center operator was cleaning sludge from the filter press machine when the press cycled, crushing the employee between plates in the filter press. Detroit
8. 05/11/15 Carpenter Foreman
Crush A 38 year old carpenter foreman was removing supports in the basement of the structure when the first floor above collapsed and crushed him. Ypsilanti
9. 05/28/15 Laborer
Crush An approximately 90,000 pound concrete I-Beam that had been sitting on dunnage, tipped over and fell on a 50 year old laborer, crushing him.  Saginaw
10. 05/29/15 Production Associate
Crush A 53 year old production associate was allegedly crushed by the operation of a CNC machine. Owosso
11. 06/16/15 Electrician Foreman

A 40 year old electrician foreman was preparing to wire a fire pump to the electrical supply when the employee received an electrical shock.

12. 06/27/15 Laborer
Fall A 30 year old laborer was power washing a silo from a boom lift raised approximately 60 feet in the air when it contacted overhead power lines. The laborer made it from the basket of the lift onto the roof of the silo where he fell to the ground below. Lowell

There were 37 MIOSHA-related deaths in 2014. 2009 saw the lowest number with 24. 

If you need help or assistance in ensuring your workplace is safe, MIOSHA is here with resources to help.  The Consultation Education & Training (CET) Division provides workplace safety and health training and consultations to employers and employees throughout Michigan free of charge.  Contact CET today at 800-866-4674 or submit a request online at

Every life is precious.  Our mutual goal must be that every employee goes home at the end of their shift every day!

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