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Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission

Thirteen 2023 MAPAAC Commissioners posing surrounding a MAPAAC banner

Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission

The Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission is a 21-member advisory board, appointed by the governor, representing the diverse Asian Pacific American communities in Michigan. Our primary mission is to be a vocal advocate for these communities, ensuring their fair access and active involvement in crucial sectors like government, business and education.

Working in collaboration with local communities and state leaders, we are committed to addressing concerns and implementing sustainable solutions for positive change. Our focus centers on improving the well-being of individuals who identify as Asian Pacific Americans and those within the broader diaspora, fostering their meaningful participation in various domains.

Our commitment is characterized by dynamic and proactive engagement. We actively connect with Asian Pacific American individuals, fostering unity, progress and a strong sense of belonging across the state. Through dedicated efforts, our goal is to create a lasting impact, leaving an indelible mark on Michigan and the broader Asian Pacific American community. Our goal is to serve as a catalyst for positive transformation and bring together diverse voices and perspectives to shape a more inclusive and vibrant future for Michigan.

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Supporting Local Community Efforts

Apply for Sponsorship

Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission has the capabilities to provide fiscal sponsorship as co-sponsor for an initiative, event, or organizing effort, so long as said opportunity meets the following criteria: 

  • The initiative supports MAPAAC’s charge to advocate for Michigan's diverse Asian Pacific American communities, promoting equitable access and active participation across various sectors such as government, business, and education.
  • The initiative involves MAPAAC participation and presence.
  • MAPAAC’s financial involvement is not disproportionate to its participation when compared to other co-sponsors.

In order to be considered, sponsorship requests must abide by the following guidelines:

  • The organization seeking sponsorship funds for an initiative must make the request in writing and provide a written narrative of proposed use of funds.
  • The initiative is open to all, and not limited to an individual community.
  • The organization must submit a summary of the initiative’s impact/results.

Sponsorship Request Form