Transition Services

The Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Transition Services help students age 14 and over to successfully make the transition from high school to postsecondary education or employment. The student works with a team including a Bureau rehabilitation counselor, the student's parents, a teacher consultant, a social worker, a special education director, and possibly others to prepare an annual Individual Education Program (IEP) plan. The plan includes details such as what classes will be taken the following year, extracurricular and volunteer activities, job shadowing, mentoring, work experience, and others. Additional details depend upon the student's goals:

  • In addition to the IEP plan, the Bureau's College Prep Transition Services include about 10 weeks of training in Kalamazoo, including two weeks living at the BSBP Training Center, followed by eight weeks living at a nearby Western Michigan University dormitory. The training includes an employment preparation class at the Training Center, work experience at nearby locations, and one class (chosen from several options) at Western Michigan University.
  • In addition to the IEP plan, Non-College Transition Services include vocational programs during the latter part of high school. These include job shadowing, pre-employment interviews, summer employment, an introduction to the Bureau's Business Enterprise Program food service opportunities, and others. The student is ready for employment after graduating from high school.

For more information, call 800-292-4200 toll-free (TTY 888-864-1212, toll-free), or contact a Bureau of Services for Blind Persons office near you.