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• What is a multi-employer worksite?

• Can an employer on a multi-employer worksite be issued a citation if their employees are exposed to an unsafe condition even though they have no responsibility for that condition? 

• Are volunteers covered by MIOSHA?

• I believe that there is an occupational hazard in my workplace. What can I do?

• How do I file a complaint?

• If I file a safety or health complaint, is my name kept confidential? 

• Do you have to give my name to my employer if I file a discrimination complaint?

• I've been fired for complaining of unsafe conditions. If I pursue this case and I win, what do I get?

• I am not a member of any union, can I still file a discrimination complaint under MIOSHA?

• How do I find out about the hazards of the chemicals I work with?

• What does the MIOSHA Consultation Education and Training (CET) Division do?

• What are the required posters for MIOSHA?

• How do I obtain copies of inspection records?

• Are there any weight restrictions on how much my employer can make me lift?

• Can my employer make me work alone?

• Why doesn't MIOSHA issue warnings without a citation or penalty for first-time offenders?

• Do MIOSHA compliance officers and consultants uniformly interpret and implement standards?

• Why do compliance officers record union information on inspection forms? Does MIOSHA favor union employers when they interpret standards?

• Additional Frequently Asked Questions (Ask MIOSHA)

Wage & Hour Division

• If my pay period starts prior to September 1, 2014 and ends sometime after September 1, 2014, is my employer required to pay me the new minimum wage rate for the entire pay period?

• What wage, hour or fringe benefit posters are required to be posted at our business?

• What is the Michigan Minimum Wage?

• Enforcement of Youth Employment Standards Act moves to the Michigan Department of Education

• If an employee punches in late, can the employer dock their pay to the next quarter hour?

• My cash drawer came up short, my supervisor makes me pay for it, is this legal?

• Can an employer withhold wages for disciplinary action?

• Can my employer pay me 'Comp Time' instead of paying me overtime?

• Do I have to work 40 hours to be considered a full-time employee?

• I have been told by my employer that I will have to use a week of vacation time for a planned summer shutdown, can my employer make me use my vacation time for this?

• Your Employer's Bankruptcy: How Will It Affect Your Employee Benefits?

• Are employees required by law to have a meal or break period?

• I work in a restaurant, when a patron walks out without paying for their meal my supervisor makes me pay for it, is this legal?

• I broke a piece of inventory, my supervisor makes me pay for it, is this legal?

• My employer provided a retirement plan (401k, pension, etc.) as a benefit, I was let go from my job, is there anything I can do to claim that money?

• My employer deducts premiums for health insurance from my paycheck, how can I find out if the premiums are being paid to the health insurance provider?

• My employer deducts premiums for health insurance from my paycheck, my insurance provider has informed me that my premium has not been paid, who do I contact?

• Can my employer withhold my paycheck from me?

• Can my employer change my rate of pay?

• What deductions from my paycheck are considered legal?

• Is there a law that I get paid double time or triple time when I work a holiday?

• Can my employer make overtime mandatory?

• Is there a limit on the number of hours I can be scheduled to work in a week?

• Does my employer have to pay me for training time?

• I had unused vacation time when I left my employer, can I receive payment for this time?

• I had unused sick time when I left my employer, can I receive payment for this time?

• When does my last paycheck have to be paid to me?

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