Vehicle Purchasing

NOVEMBER 2017 UPDATE: 2018 pricing now available! The current MiDEAL Vehicle List is now updated with 2018 pricing.

Please note that the patrol vehicle pricing is not listed in the spreadsheet at this time. Patrol vehicle pricing will be added by 11/30/17.

Local government looking to save money on vehicle purchases? State of Michigan Procurement can help with the MiDEAL Vehicle Purchasing program! With MiDEAL you can leverage the buying power of the state and get State of Michigan pricing on vehicles and other equipment.

MiDEAL also simplifies the purchasing process. Our expert buyers have done all the work for you; contracts, pricing, and conditions are already in place. Info on how to buy and the comprehensive MiDEAL Vehicle List are available below.

Visit the MiDEAL - How to Join page for details on how to become a MiDEAL member.

What You Can Buy

A wide variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and police vehicles are available. VE85, hybrid and EV vehicles are included. Other vehicles and accessories are also available:

  • Truck Bodies
  • Heavy Duty Truck Chassis
  • Winter Maintenance Truck Build-Up (Upfitting)
  • Tires

See the documents section below for relevant info.

MiDEAL Vehicle Purchasing Documents

This spreadsheet lists the current vehicles available through the MiDEAL program. All information, including specification numbers and dealership awarded each vehicle, are found in this spreadsheet. Once you select a vehicle, note the specification number. Next, go to the spec book for more detailed specification information. The spec book is in numerical order. 

This vehicle spreadsheet contains all information on one tab which makes sorting easy. 

The spec book lists specific specification numbers and details.

Once you locate the specific vehicle you would like to purchase, contact the awarded dealership (Column F)  directly to order. 

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Hanses at 517-284-7013 or 
Awarded vehicle vendors contact information/terms & conditions:



D & K Freightliner/Western Star of Lansing- 071B6600119 - Edward Merrill (517) 484-1905   PRICING

Michigan Kentworth, LLC - 071B6600121 - MaryAnn Hogan (616) 281-8610 x 435  PRICING

Tri-County International Trucks Inc. - 071B6600122 - Mark Caracciolo 888-390-6676  PRICING




Click Here for contracts with Truck Bodies

071B5500010 -Truck & Trailer Specialties Inc-Winter Maintenance Truck Build Up Parts

071B7700086 - Truck & Trailer Specialties Inc-Equipment -Equipment Up-Fitting PURCHASE


071B77000087 - Knapheide Truck Equipment Co. - Equipment Up-Fitting PURCHASE


071B3200092 - WHEELS, INC - Jeff Leffler (224) 567-1394 - LEASE VEHICLES - FLEET MANAGEMENT SERVICES