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    Statewide Job Task Analysis of the Patrol Officer Position

    Michigan's 2006 Job Task Analysis (JTA) for the position of patrol officer is now ready for downloading. Available is the full report, which contains information from law enforcement agencies statewide, as well as individual stratification reports, which are categorized according to agency size and type.

    Information from the 2006 JTA enables MCOLES to re-validate its mandatory selection and training standards for the entry-level position of patrol officer. The study also demonstrates the need for the enhancement of in-service training and the need for MCOLES' continuing efforts in this area.

    The JTA is essentially a review of the tasks and activities of incumbent patrol officers, including the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for their successful performance. The job tasks are evaluated according to their frequency and importance. In addition, information regarding the response to complaints, types of equipment used, and sources of information are displayed.

    Special recognition goes to those agencies and officers who responded to the JTA. In total, over 3200 patrol officers and 700 patrol supervisors participated in this study. This undertaking proved beneficial to MCOLES. We hope that the reports can prove equally beneficial to your endeavors as well.

    The following files are available for viewing in PDF icon format:

    JTA Full Report

    Detroit Police Department
    Michigan State Police
    Medium City
    Large City
    Large Sheriff
    Other State Agencies
    Specialty Agency
    Small City
    Small Sheriff
    Tribal Police Agency

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