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    Web Sites of Interest / In-Service Training Resources

    PLEASE NOTE:   Before law enforcement departments can spend their LED funds to pay for training, the class must  be registered in the MCOLES Network. To find out if a specific training class has been registered with MCOLES, approved Operators can log into the MCOLES Network and search the In-Service Training Registry. Individuals who travel out-of-state to attend training courses must first obtain a "special use approval" by MCOLES to use LED fundsSpecial Use Request Forms can be found on the MCOLES Web site.

     **Identified as a possible out-of-state vendor 

    911 Training & Consultants, LLC 

    Below 100 Initiative

    Center of Excellence in Policing and Security
    Center on Quality Policing
    Careers in Criminal Justice
    Calibre Press, Inc. ** 
    Center Mass, Inc. 

    Child Abuse Training Services 
    Cop **  
    Datamaster Training - contact MSP Traffic Services at 517-636-0301 or Debra Schrauben @ 
    Deaf Community Advocacy Network, Hearing Loss Awareness Training for Law Enforcement 
    Delta College - Criminal Justice Training Center 
    Domestic Violence Training - Free 
    Emergency Telephone Service Committee 
    Approved Emergency Dispatcher Training 
    F **  
    FBINAA Michigan Training 
    Ferris State University, Law Enforcement Programs  
    Government Training, Inc. **  
    Grand Rapids Community College Police Academy 
    Grand Rapids Police Department 
    Grand Valley State University, Criminal Justice Education Center 
    Hearing Loss Awareness Training for Law Enforcement  
    IADLEST - International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training
    John E. Reid & Associates ** 
    Kalamazoo Valley Community College Law Enforcement 
    Kellogg Community College Police Training  
    Killolgy Research Group **  
    Kirtland Regional Police Academy 
    Lansing Community College Police Academy Info 
    Lansing Police Department 
    LifeLine Training ** 
    Livonia Police Department 
    LouKa Tactical Training LLC 
    Macomb Criminal Justice Training Center, Macomb College  
    MCOLES In-Service Training Course Registry   
    Mental Health Training for Law Enforcement - Free  
    Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police 
    Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence 
    Michigan Concerns of Police Survivors (MICOPS)
    Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument Fund
    Michigan Municipal League 
    Michigan Newswire 
    Michigan Sheriff's Association 
    Michigan Sheriff's Association Training Opportunities 
    Michigan Sheriffs Coordinating and Training Council (In-Service Training)
    Michigan State University - Anti-Counterfeiting & Product Protection Program (A-CAPPP) 

    • Wilson, Jeremy M., Rostker, Bernard, and Fan, Cha-Chi (2010). Recruiting and Retaining America's Finest: Evidence-Based Lessons for Police Workforce Planning. Santa Monica, CA: RAND, MG-960-NIJ. Available at:
    • Davis, Lois, Pollard Michael, Ward, Kevin, Wilson, Jeremy M., Varda, Danielle, Hansell, Lydia, & Steinberg, Paul (2010). Long-Term Effects of Law Enforcement's Post-9/11 Focus on Counterterrorism and Homeland Security. Santa Monica, CA: RAND, MG-1031-NIJ. For the press release, see Local Law Enforcement's Counterterrorism Initiatives Have Evolved into All-Hazards Strategies. Available at

    Conference Proceedings

    • Wilson, Jeremy M. and Grammich, Clifford. (2009). Police Recruitment and Retention in the Contemporary Urban Environment: Personnel Experiences and Promising Practices from the Front Lines. Santa Monica, CA: RAND, CFP-261-DOJ. Available at:
    Research Briefs

    Michigan State University - School of Criminal Justice 
    Michigan Tactical Officers Association
    Michigan TASER ®  Distributing 
    Mid-Michigan Kennels (K-9 Training) 
    MSP Advanced Narcotics School 
    MSP Basic Detective School 
    MSP Basic Narcotics School 
    MSP Basic Reid and Advanced Ried Training 
    MSP Emergency Management Division 
    MSP Fire Investigation Training Information 
    MSP Hazardous Materials Training Center 
    MSP Homicide Investigation Training 
    MSP Law Enforcement Training & Resources 
    MSP Raid Entry School 
    MSP Training Division Courses     
    Northern Michigan University Public Safety and Police Services 
    Office of State and Local Training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) **  
    Oakland Community College, Oakland Police Academy 
    Oakland Community College, Advanced Police Training (News - The Source for Law Enforcement) 
    OSS Academy - Law Enforcement & Corrections Online E-Learning Training Courses 
    Police Recruitment and Retention Clearinghouse (One Resource for Police & Law Enforcement) 
    Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan, Child Abuse Training Services Division 
    Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan, Traffic Safety Training Program 
    Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan, Training Calendar 
    Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council 
    Public Agency Training Council ** 
    Public Safety Communications Training  
    Sawabini & Associates, LLC **  
    Senopra - Computer Forensic Training Classes
    State Bar of Michigan
    Success Communications, Inc. (Public Safety Communications Training)
    Tactical Encounters, Inc. 
    TASER ®  International - Michigan Training Events  **  
    The 9-1-1 Fire Police Medical Web ** 
    The Innocence Project  
    Washtenaw Community College, Police Academy 
    Washetenaw Community College, In-Service Training Schedule 
    Washtenaw Community College, School of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement 
    Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc. ** 

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