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Cardiovascular Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity

The Cardiovascular Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity Section is a
heart disease and stroke prevention program from the logo
Michigan Department of Community Health.

Vision: A heart-healthy and stroke-free Michigan.

Mission: Create a heart-healthy and stroke-free Michigan by increasing physical activity and healthy eating, reducing health disparities, and preventing and controlling other cardiovascular disease risk factors.

The leading causes of early death and disability among those with
type 2 diabetes are heart disease and stroke.  In fact, adults with diabetes
are 2 to 4 times more likely to have a stroke or die of heart disease than
adults without diabetes.  The good news is that many of the same healthy behaviors you engage in to prevent and control cardiovascular disease will
also help with diabetes.  Be sure to check your blood pressure often if you have diabetes, and especially at every doctor’s visit, as controlling high blood pressure can help  lower your risk for diabetes complications such as diabetic kidney disease and vision loss before they begin. 

Click the images and links below for additional information for
yourself, loved ones and others you might know, on steps that can
be taken to control high blood pressure, including eating a healthful,
low sodium diet.

Vital Signs 2012 CoverSix page DASH Diet



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 Cardiovascular Health, Nutrition and
 Physical Activity Section
109 W. Michigan Ave., P.O. Box 30195
Lansing, Michigan 48909
Fax: 517-335-9056
Rochelle Hurst, Section Manager

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