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    Advance Directives

    • We all value the right to make decisions for ourselves. Whether we term this autonomy, liberty or independence, it is central to our concept of dignity.
    • One important area in which we exercise independence is in choosing the mental health treatment we receive.
    • Unfortunately, due to illness, we may become unable to make informed choices about our care.
    • No one likes to consider the possibility of becoming unable to make decisions even on a temporary basis.
    • It is easy to put off thinking about that happening, and what treatment we would like in those circumstances.
    • As difficult as it is to confront these issues, by doing so we can help ensure our wishes are honored in the future.
    • Any action you take to plan is completely voluntary. Once you determine your wishes, the next step is relatively simple and inexpensive or free, and can be part of your person-centered planning process.


    To download please click on the following link.

    Advance Directive Questions and Answers Pamphlet  

    Advance Directive Form  

    Advance Directive Declaration

    Advance Directive Form (Spanish Version)

    Advance Directive Form (Arabic Version)

    For Further Information

    • Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services Inc. 1-800-288-5923
    • Colleen A. Jasper, Director, Office of Consumer Relations, Michigan Department of Community Health 1-517-373-1255


    Other Resources

    National Resource Center on Psychiatric Advance Directives (NRC-PAD)  


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