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Family Support Subsidy Program
Children and Families
  • Introduction The Division of Mental Health Services to Children and Families provides policy and program direction for public mental health services provided to children with developmental disabilities, children with emotional disturbance, children at risk of disability or emotional disturbance, and to their families.
  • Social Emotional Health Toolkit The Michigan 0-8 Social and Emotional Toolkit provides materials for communities throughout the state to use in promoting the positive social and emotional health of all their children. In this toolkit, you will find resources to help you get started.
  • Social Emotional Health and School Readiness PDF iconA guide for Parents with Children Birth to Age 5
  • Community Collaboratives There are currently 76 State endorsed Community Collaboratives encompassing Michigan's 83 counties. Each has a shared vision to improve outcomes for children, families, adults, seniors; is to operate on the basis of mutual trust, respect and consensus; be an inclusive planning and implementation body of stakeholders at the county or multi-county level; and take responsibility for the local directions and coordination of state, federal and foundation sponsored collaborative endeavors.
  • Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances Waiver The Children's Serious Emotional Development Waiver (SEDW) provides services that are enhancements or additions to Medicaid State Plan coverage for children up through age 18 with serious emotional disturbance, who are enrolled in the SEDW.
  • A Family Guide to Respite for Children in Michigan PDF icon
  • Social-Emotional Development in Young Children PDF iconA guide for practitioners & providers
  • Local Mental Health Services Mental health services in Michigan are coordinated through local Community Mental Health Services Programs (CMHSPs).
  • Infant Mental Health Infant mental health services provide home-based parent-infant support and intervention services to families where the parent's condition and life circumstances or the characteristics of the infant threaten the parent-infant attachment and the consequent social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive development of the infant.
  • Integrated Services for Children of Parents with Mental Illness Integrated Services are designed to prevent mental disorders and deviant behavior among children whose parents are receiving services from the public mental health system and to improve outcomes for adult clients who are parents (an estimated 10%). This project is designed to change policies and practices related to intake screening,
  • Services to Children with Developmental Disabilities Provides policy program guidance and services innovation and technical assistance for services to children with developmental disabilities delivered through the community mental health system.
  • Insurance Advocacy The Insurance Advocacy for Home-Based Alternatives Program works statewide to help families maximize insurance coverage for home care services.
  • Children's Waiver Program The Children's Waiver Program is a federal entitlement program that provides Medicaid funded home and community-based services to children (under age 18).
  • Federal Mental Health Block Grant Program Through individual block grant contracts with community mental health services programs, these resources are focused on development and maintenance of community based services. For the children, the block grant is used primarily to support wraparound and respite services.
  • Home-Based Services Michigan's home-based family service philosophy promotes delivery of services to families in their homes in order to achieve permanence for children, when appropriate, while maintaining and strengthening the family
  • Wraparound Services This program serves children and families with severe and multiple problems being served by multiple agencies. Wraparound services refers to an individually designed set of services
  • Reducing Expulsion of Children from Child Care The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), Division of Mental Health Services to Children and Families, has developed an evaluated early childhood mental health consultation approach to providing prevention services that has been implemented for over 11 years. This approach, called Child Care Expulsion Prevention (CCEP) ® has provided services within child care settings serving children birth up to age five. These services have been found to be effective in supporting young children at risk of expulsion to stay in their care setting successfully and to help teacher's and families to foster social and emotional growth of all young children within their care.