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    • Inspirational Stories PDF icon Personal stories on how CAHC's impact schools, parents and youth.

    • Michigan Head Lice Manual PDF icon The Michigan Head Lice Manual is designed to provide schools, local health departments, healthcare facilities, and other group settings a comprehensive guide to identify, treat, manage, and prevent head lice infestations.

    • Prenatal Smoking Cessation The Prenatal Smoking Cessation (PSC) Program is currently designed to work with pregnant smokers who are receiving health services in prenatal programs.

    Click here for: Programs that focus on healthy children & families
    Click here for: Prevention & remediation of lead poisoning
    Click here for: Immunization information, including brochures, the Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry, the National Immunization Program & provider information
    Click here for: The Michigan Abstinence Program, promoting abstinence from sexual activity and related risky behaviors such as the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
    Click here for: Information about genetic diagnosis & counseling as well as birth defects & inherited diseases.
    Click here for: Children with Special Needs Fund
    Click here for: Children's Special Health Care Services
    Click here for: Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
    Click here for: information about the Maternal Infant Health Program
    Click here for: Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System
    Click here for: information about the program to help prevent teen pregnancies in Michigan

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