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Public Health Genomics Program

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O u r  V i s i o n 

Improved health outcomes and enhanced
quality of life for the people of
Michigan through appropriate use of genetic
information, technology and services 


The Genomics and Genetic Disorders Section provides assessment, policy development, and assurance related to newborn screening, birth defects, genetic disorders, and the use of genomics* in public health programs. Our mission is to: 

  • Facilitate early identification and treatment of individuals with birth defects, heritable disorders and genetic susceptibilities throughout the lifecycle; 
  • Coordinate educational activities that increase genetic literacy; and  
  • Foster collaboration to integrate advances in genomic science throughout public health and other systems of care 

The Section is responsible for implementing the State Genetics Plan in collaboration with local, state and national partners. It also conducts newborn screening follow-up and provides support for a statewide network of genetic diagnosis and counseling services. The Genetics Resource Center includes directories of genetic service providers, state genetic support groups, and event calendar along with information on birth defects prevention, resources for families, and the role of family history in complex chronic diseases



October 2014 - Hereditary and Familial Colorectal Cancer Conference to be held by University of Michigan on the morning of Saturday, October 11th in Plymouth, Michigan.  Please consider attending either the session for health care professionals or patients/families.

Winter 2014 - MDCH Genomics featured in three public health genomics video tools and resources. 
        Please visit 

What's New? 
Become a MI HEARTSafe School
Guidelines for Universal Pediatric Lipid Screening: Pros and Cons and the Real World (presentation by Monica Goble, MD)
Pediatric Hyperlipidemia: Why the New AAP Guidelines Rock (presentation by James Loker, MD, Bronson Childrens Hospital)
Enhancing Breast Cancer Genomics Best Practices and Policies in the State of Michigan, 2011-2014
Critical Congenital Heart Disease - Michigan Newborn Screening Demonstration Program
CDC Awards Programmatic Funding to Support Breast Cancer Genomics 
MHSAA Student-Athlete Physical Exam Form 
Cancer Family History Guide 
Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young (SCDY) Surveillance and Prevention Project 
Michigan BioTrust for Health   

Read more about… 

Diet for Life

Cancer Genomics Epidemiology in Michigan 
Too Young to Die - An Update on the Impact of Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young in Michigan 1999 - 2011 06/19/2012 

Birth Defects Prevention and Follow-up (pdf

Folic Acid Outreach/Multivitamin Distribution (pdf)


Genetics to Genomics Curriculum for Teachers

Michigan Cancer Genetics Alliance 

Region 4 Genetics Collaborative 


 See publications and presentations… 

 View documents and resource materials: 



Babies with Birth Defects: Referral Guide for Michigan Hospitals 

Informed Consent for Genetic Testing 

Birth Defects and Genetic Conditions: Resources for Michigan Families and Professionals ( Toolkit) 

Look and Feel Your Best
with Folic Acid

Birth Defects Prevention Month 2013 

Michigan Genetic Counseling Services 

Family History and Your
Health Newsletters

Michigan Monitor Summer 2007 
(Birth Defects Newsletter) 

Family History Fact Cards  - English

Preventing Birth Defects 

Family History Fact Cards - Arabic 


Family History Fact Cards - Spanish 


Family History Poster 

Resources for Families of Infants and Toddlers with Special Health Needs 

Genetic Syndrome Fact Sheets 

Special Care for Special Kids:
Guide for Michigan Families

Genetics and Young Children
with Hearing Loss

State Genetics Plan Executive Summary 

Guide to Genetics Referral 


Michigan Monitor Winter 2013 
(Birth Defects Newsletter

Teens with Diabetes Fact Card 

National Links   

2010 State Public Health Genomics Resource Guide 
Multiple-State Genomics Data 

Order materials 

Contact us: 
Genetics Information Line 1-866-852-1247

Genomics and Genetic Disorders Section
Lifecourse Epidemiology and Genomics Division 
P.O. Box 30195
201 Townsend Street, CV 4th floor
Lansing, Michigan  48909-30195 

Staff Directory  

*The word GENOMICS refers to the functions and interactions of all the genes in the genome, including the interaction with environmental factors.  GENETICS is the science of heredity and the study of single genes in the genome. 

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