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    What is the Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP)?

    MIHP is a program for all Michigan women with Medicaid health insurance who are pregnant and all infants with Medicaid. It is a benefit of their insurance.  MIHP provides support to promote healthy pregnancies, good birth outcomes, and healthy infants.  

    Throughout the state, MIHPs are administered in rural, urban and native communities through federally qualified health centers, hospital based clinics and private providers as well as through local and regional public health departments. Services include:  

    Maternal and infant health and psychosocial assessment completed by nurse or social worker

    Registered Nurse and Licensed Social Worker development of beneficiary care plans 

    Coordination of MbabyIHP services with the beneficiary's medical care provider and Medicaid Health Plan (who assist and supplement that care)

    Registered Nurse, Licensed Social Worker, Registered Dietitian and Infant Mental Health Specialist home or office visits provided with interventions based on the beneficiary's plan of care

    Transportation services arranged if needed 

    Referrals are made to local community services  (e.g., mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, basic needs assistance) as needed

    Referral to local childbirth education or parenting classes 

    MIHP Brochures 
    Maternal and Infant Health Program Brochure for Health Care Providers

    MIHP Brochure for Beneficiaries in English 
    MIHP Brochure for Beneficiaries in Arabic
    MIHP Brochure for Beneficiaries in Spanish


    MIHP Quasi-Experimental Evaluation

    MIHP Quasi-Experimental Evaluation Summary Report 

    Safe Sleep Policy Statement
    Safe Sleep Discussion Points


    What if I Don't Have Medicaid Health Insurance?
    Apply for Healthy Kids Medicaid On line NOW 

    Who do I Contact for Questions about Medicaid for Pregnant Women?  

    Local Department of Human Services (DHS) Offices 

    • DHS Hotlines 
    • MIChild/Healthy Kids   1-888-988-6300      TTY 1-888-263-5897 for persons with hearing and speech disabilities
    • Medicaid Beneficiary hotline 1-800-642-3195   TTY 1-866-501-5656 for persons with hearing and speech disabilities

       teen mom

       Who Do I Contact To Find A State Certified MIHP   
       Near Me?
                             MIHP Coordinator's Directory 4/9/2014
    Interactive Map of MIHP Agencies 




    How Do I Become A MIHP Provider?   

    MIHP Provider Application Process

    Provider Application Grid

    MIHP State Consultants  

         Ingrid Davis                                      Joni Detwiler              

           517-335-9546                                  517-335-6659          

    Please welcome our new MIHP Consultant, Cherie Ross-Jordan

    Agency Consultant Assignment
    MIHP Agency Assignment  

    Dad kissing baby

    For Moms and Dads

    A free mobile information service designed to promote maternal and  child health by providing pregnant women and new mothers with the information they need to take care of  their health and give their babies the best possible start in life. Find out more @  text4baby  

    Text4baby  Video       

         safe sleep baby

    Community Resources    


    Educational Materials  

    V1--English Combined Maternal & Infant Education Packet with Printer Marks        
    V3--English Combined Maternal & Infant Education Packet without Printer Marks  

    V3--Spanish Combined Maternal & Infant Education Packet without Printer Marks
    V1--Spanish Combined Maternal & Infant Education Packet with Printer Marks 

    V1--Arabic Combined Maternal & Infant Education Packet with Printer Marks 
    V3--Arabic Combined Maternal & Infant Education Packet without Printer Marks 

    Additional Educational Material

    Billing Links

    Other Links  

    Breast feeding baby   

     MIHP Provider Training 

    Required Training for all MIHP Provider Applicants 
    MIHP Billing

    Required Training for MIHP Staff

    2013/2014 Forms Change

    August 12, 2013 Home Visitation Conference

    Morning Session, New Maternal Risk Identifier

    Afternoon Session, New Plans of Care


    Electronic Infant Risk Identifier

    Electronic Discharge Summaries

    Old" Forms  Webcast

    Additional Trainings

      Mom and daughter

    MIHP Domains/Risks 

    Grouped together for Nursing and Social Work Continuing Education Credits:   Once you view each of  the webcasts, you are required to complete a Survey Monkey evaluation. Your certificate will be sent to you electronically upon completion.   

    Pregnancy Concerns  4.3 contact hours

    Infant Concerns and Safety  1 contact hour 

    Housing and Health Services  1 contact hour 

    MIHP Coordinator Meeting Webcasts   

    Q & A Responses

      happy infant     


    MIHP Complaint Form 
    MHP/MIHP Care Coordination Agreement 
    MHP/MIHP Collaboration Form         
    Field Confidentiality Guidelines 
    Home Office Guidelines  
    Termination Protocol 
    MIHP Deletion Reactivation FAX Request Template
    Making and Following Up on Referrals 
    Key Elements of a MIHP Standing Order
    Discussing Family Planning 

    Documenting Reactions to Interventions

    Breast Feeding Resources  
    Early On Referral Form
    MIHP "Maternal Only" Guidelines

    Edinburgh Depression Scale

    T-ACE Screening Tool

    Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) 4 
    Personal Violence Screen (PVS)
    Violence Wheel 
    Safety Plan Example #1
    Safety Plan Example #2

    Safety Plan Example #3

    State of MI 3200

    New Employee and Waiver Staff   


     pregnant with lap top

    MIHP Chapter of Medicaid  Manual
    Medicaid Provider Manual 

    MIHP Operations Guide
    MIHP Operations Guide  

    MIHP Forms

    M001 Maternal Forms Checklist

    MIHP 400 Consent to Complete Risk Identifier and Participate in MIHP
         Spanish Language Consent     
         Arabic Language Consent

    MIHP 401 Consent to Release PHI
         Spanish Language Release
         Arabic Language Release

    MIHP 402 Consent toTransfer
         Spanish Language Consent to Transfer
         Arabic Language Consent to Transfer

    099 Notification of Multiple Charts Open

    Maternal Risk Identifier

    M002 Maternal Plan of Care (POC) 1

    M003 Family Planning Maternal POC2

    M015 Asthma Maternal POC2
    M016 Diabetes Maternal POC2
    M017 Hypertension Maternal POC2
    M004 Pregnancy Health Maternal POC2
    M024 Nutrition Maternal POC2
    M025 Breastfeeding Maternal POC2
    M010 Smoking/2nd Hand Exposure Maternal POC2
    M011 Alcohol Maternal POC2
    M012 Drugs Maternal POC2
    M008 Social Support Maternal POC2
    M013 Stress/Depression Maternal POC2
    M014 Abuse/Violence Maternal POC2
    M005 Food Maternal POC2
    M006 Housing Maternal POC2
    M007 Transportation Maternal POC2

    M008 Plan of Care (POC)3

    M022 Maternal Enrollment Status/Prenatal Communication
    M020 Maternal Form A   
    M023 Maternal Form B
    M025 Maternal Form C
    M200 Maternal Discharge Summary

    011 Professional Visit Progress Note
    Referral Follow Up Form

     baby receiving vaccine

    I001 Infant Forms Checklist

    I023 IRI: Infant Component
    I024 IRI: Maternal Component

    I002 Infant Plan of Care 1

    I007 Maternal Considerations

    I003 Infant Health Care POC2
    I020 Infant Family, Social Support, Parenting & Child Care POC2
    I037 Infant Breastfeeding POC2
    I004 Infant Safety POC2
    I005 Infant Feeding POC2
    I006 Infant Development POC2

    I304 Substance Exposed Infant: Positive at Birth POC2
    I302 Substance Exposed Infant: Primary Caregiver Use
    I308 Substance Exposed Infant: Environment POC2

    SEI Positive At Birth Guidelines
    SEI Primary Caregiver Use Guidelines
    SEI Environmental Exposure Guidelines

    I300 Substance Exposed Infant Progress Note

    I010 Infant Enrollment Status/Infant Communication
    I009 Infant Form A
    I012 Infant Form B
    I014 Infant Form C
    I200 Infant Discharge Summary



    Consent to Release PHI Instructions
    POC2 Instructions

    POC3 Instructions
    Professional Visit Progress Note Instructions
    Referral Follow UP Instructions
    Multiple Charts Open Form Instructions
    Maternal Form A Instructions
    Maternal Form B Instructions
    Infant Form A instructions
    Infant Form B Instructions

    ASQ and ASQ:SE 
         ASQ-3  "which month to use" Guideline 
         ASQ:SE "which month to use" Guideline 

    Baby picture 

    MIHP File Transfer Instructional Videos  

    MIHP File Transfer - How to Subscribe - Instructional Video

    MIHP File Transfer - How to Navigate and Download Files - Instructional Video

    MRI Algorithm

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