• Announcements:

    New Federal Tax Forms will be sent to employees this year under the Affordable Care Act. Employees offered coverage may receive a 1095-C from the State of Michigan. Employees enrolled in an HMO at any point during 2015 may also receive a 1095-B from the HMO. These forms are not required to complete your federal tax returns, and it is not necessary to wait for them in order to file. Questions on these forms should be directed to a tax professional. You may also visit the State Budget Office's Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

    Limited Pay-Period Premium Holidays: LTD premiums will resume on the 4/21/2016 pay warrant. Visit the Premium Holiday Page for more info.

    Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs): March 15 was the last day to incur expenses for 2015 FSAs. May 31, 2016 is the final day to seek reimbursement for claims, and submit requested receipts with WageWorks©. Funds remaining in your 2015 account after May 31 will be forfeited, and any receipts not submitted will result in funds being recouped via payroll deduction, on a post-tax basis. Review your WageWorks© account to confirm you have no outstanding requests.