• Evaluation and Strategic Research

    The Michigan Department of Education's (MDE) Office of Evaluation, Strategic Research and Accountability (OESRA) is committed to proactively formulate and oversee the work of collaborative research partnerships to support educational goals and priorities in the State of Michigan. This site will introduce you to evaluation and research conducted by MDE, the role of the Research Collaborative and help researchers with the data requests.

    The state's education data portal, MI School Data, makes available to the public aggregate reports on Michigan's public school education system. Please click on the following link to view these data https://www.mischooldata.org.

Internal Review Board Meeting Dates and Submission Timeline

  • Internal Review Board Meeting Dates and Submission Timeline

    Provided below is the Michigan Research Collaborative Internal Review Board (IRB) meeting schedule and submission deadlines for Confidential Data Request Applications and Change Request Forms. Materials submitted after the deadline will be reviewed at the next month’s meeting. Please send all materials to MDE-Research@michigan.gov.


    2017 Submission Deadline

    January 13th
    February 10th
    March 10th
    April 7th
    May 12th
    June Meeting Cancelled
    July 7th
    August 11th
    September 8th
    October 13th
    November 10th
    December - Committee Does Not Meet

    2017 Meeting Date

    January 31st
    February 28th
    March 28th
    April 25th
    May 30th
    June Meeting Cancelled
    July 25th
    August 29th
    September 26th
    October 31st
    November 28th
    December - Committee Does Not Meet

The Research Collaborative

  • Michigan's state-level Research Collaborative, led by members from the MDE and the Center for Educational Performance and Information, enables the organization of a broad research capacity to address state education policy questions in a more coherent fashion. The Research Collaborative enables a fuller understanding of the issues our educational system faces and fosters ongoing working relationships within the research community as well as the community at large by:

    • Setting and prioritizing educational research goals, priorities, polices and a research agenda;
    • Assembling researchers to form consortiums and partnerships to collaborate and support educational goals and priorities in the State of Michigan;
    • Establishing research data request guidelines and standards for proposal submission;
    • Reviewing research proposals, regardless of funding source;
    • Ensuring that student, school and system performance are measured meaningfully and researchers apply rigorous social science methodology to produce accurate and reliable studies;
    • Helping researchers communicate actionable findings through presentation opportunities on the implementation and effectiveness of programs and policies necessary to ensure informed decision-making regarding future efforts;
    • Building the technical and human capacity to use the data effectively at all educational levels, by research audiences and centrally; and
    • Helping to foster community understanding of the relevance of research and evaluation.

Research Studies and Results

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