OCTE Staff Directory

Michigan Department of Education
Office of Career and Technical Education
Post Office Box 30712
Lansing, MI 48909
Main:  517-373-3373
FAX:  517-373-8776

Director's Office

Staff Member Phone Number E-Mail
Patty Cantú, Director 517-335-5224  cantup@michigan.gov
Mary Stephenson, Secretary 517-335-5224  stephensonm4@michigan.gov
Beverly Brown, Supervisor 517-335-4670 brownb21@michigan.gov
Christine Black, Fiscal Specialist 517-373-9961 hovorkal@michigan.gov 
Tara Bride, Regulation Specialist 517-335-6041 bridet@michigan.gov

Career Readiness Unit

Staff Member Phone Number E-Mail
Joanne Mahony, Supervisor 517-335-0405 mahonyj@michigan.gov
LeAnn Reyes, Secretary 517-373-0600 reyesl1@michigan.gov 
Dana Hughes, Education Consultant 517-335-0359 hughesd9@michigan.gov
Thomas Knight, Education Consultant 517-373-8545 knightt@michigan.gov 
Zena Lowe, Education Consultant 517-241-4355 lowez@michigan.gov 
Nikki Rogers, Education Consultant 517-373-8904 rogersn@michigan.gov
Lisa Seigel, Department Specialist 517-241-2072 seigell@michigan.gov 
Denise Teague, Education Consultant 517-335-0381


Grants, Assessments, Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit

Staff Member Phone Number E-Mail
Jill Kroll, Supervisor 517-241-4354 krollj1@michigan.gov 
Jackie Martinez, Secretary 517-373-6452 martinezj9@michigan.gov
Elizabeth Collins, Education Consultant 517-241-2091 collinse2@michigan.gov 
Joan Church, Department Specialist 517-335-0360 churchj@michigan.gov
Valerie Felder, Research Consultant 517-335-1066 felderv@michigan.gov 
Muhammed Sadek, Education Consultant 517-373-4584 sadekm@michigan.gov 
Krishnan Sudharsan, Research Consultant 517-241-7652 sudharsank@michigan.gov

Contractual Employees

Staff Member Phone Number E-Mail
Mark Forbush, Agriscience and Natural Resources Consultant 989-277-9249 forbushm@anr.msu.edu