Bridge Card Fraud Graphic
  • Buying, selling or trading benefits is a felony.

    There are severe consequences and penalties for committing welfare fraud.

    If you believe someone has committed fraud, report it at or 800-222-8558.

    The department considers false or misleading statements, intentionally giving incomplete or inaccurate information, withholding or misrepresenting facts to receive, maintain or increase program benefits or eligibility as fraud. Fraudulent actions that result in an overissuance of benefits is called an Intentional Program Violation. Examples include:

    • Trading or selling your food benefits or Bridge Card.

    • Using food benefits or Bridge Cards that belong to another household for your own household.  Remember, you must only use your food benefits to purchase food, seeds or plants to grow food for your household.

    • Not reporting income timely.

    • Not reporting mandatory group members that also reside in the home.

    • Purchasing beverage(s) that require a bottle deposit, dumping/discarding beverage(s) and then returning the container(s) to obtain the cash deposit refund.