Reporting and Reimbursement 


Communications and Meetings 

Policy and Forms 





bullet   List of Medicaid Health Plans Contact and Service Listing

List of Medicaid health plans showing Michigan counties in which each operates.

bullet   Managed Care Pharmacy Benefit   

bullet   Encounter Quality Initiative FAQ

bullet   Fluoride Varnish Certificates for Medicaid Professionals 

bullet   Health Plan Enrollment      
This page contains enrollment figures for the current month and the previous month, by county, for each of the Medicaid Health Plans. 

bullet   Medicaid Health Plans and Pre-Paid Inpatient Health Plans by County Contact Information  

List of Medicaid Health Plans and Pre-Paid Inpatient Health Plans by county and contact number for each plan. 

bullet   Sample Health Plan Contract   



bullet   Michigan Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey  

bullet   Medicaid Blood Lead Testing Reports 

bullet   HEDIS Results - Statewide Aggregate Reports      
The Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set (HEDIS)is a set of performance data developed and maintained by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), and is the most widely used standardized performance measure in the managed care industry. 

bullet   External Quality Review   
Reports identify various aspects of care furnished to Michigan Medicaid beneficiaries. 

bullet   Health Plans Quality Checkup         
Click here to view a guide to Michigan Medicaid health plans, including ratings in five separate categories of health plan performance.