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Mission Statement: The Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Section provides scientific support and guidance to Maternal and Child Health programs to facilitate the data-driven, informed decision-making needed to protect, promote, and preserve the health of Michigan’s children and families.

Vision Statement:  The Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Section will provide responsive and timely data collection, analysis, and translation to public health practitioners, while maintaining a contextual understanding of how Epidemiologic methods can contribute to innovative and preventative solutions to future MCH challenges.

MCH Epi Section Team Values:

  1. Quality Work
  2. Integrity
  3. Active Partnerships
  4. MCH Leadership
  5. Timeliness
  6. Responsiveness/Good Communication

Priority Areas: Click on the boxes below to access data and epidemiologic findings for selected areas of Maternal Child Health Epidemiology, as well as a description of each area's epidemiologist.

Birth Defects/ Early Hearing
Detection and
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Newborn Screening
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WIC and Family Planning 
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Michigan Pregnancy
Risk Assessment
Monitoring System
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Section Wide Projects:  

Adverse Childhood Experiences
Adverse Childhood Experiences in Michigan, 2011-2012 Fact Sheet

Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCS)
Michigan Data Brief 2007 

Home Visiting
Maternal Infant Health Program-Return on Investment

Infant Mortality
Burden of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in Michigan
Infant Mortality Socio-Economic Trends, 2008-2010
Infant Mortality in Michigan

Maternal Health
Maternal and infant outcomes among women enrolled in MI Medicaid, 2008-2013

Maternal Mortality
Medicaid Enrollment among Maternal Mortality Cases, 2008-2011
Pregnancy Associated Death in Michigan Fact Sheet, 2013
Michigan Maternal Mortality Surveillance (MMMS): 1999-2004 Report  
Lessons Learned from Maternal Mortality Surveillance in Michigan 1999-2004  

New Methods for Ascertaining Maternal Deaths in Michigan 1999-2003 

MCH Databook
MCH Data book 2000-2009 
MCH Data book 1996-2005 

Michigan  Perinatal Survey
2005 Michigan Perinatal Survey Report 

Preconception Health
The Health of Women and Girls Factsheets Series
Preconception Health Indicators - 2012
Preconception Nutrition and Physical Activity 2010-2011

States Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology (SMART) Collaborative
Michigan's Surveillance Plan, FY 2010-2012 
Michigan Assisted Reproductive Technology Summit

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