Wounded Veterans Internship Program
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  • Providing Opportunities

    Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency Gold AwardVeterans who cannot return to their previous civilian jobs after serving in combat can find placement opportunities with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) through a grant provided by the Federal Highway Administration. This program is being implemented to meet the employment needs of returning veterans of the armed forces as they transition into the civilian workforce.

    Opportunities to Work - Learn - Earn
    Placement depends upon the veteran's knowledge, skills and abilities. Possible fields include aeronautics, engineering, finance, maintenance, planning, project management and office assistance.

Benefits of the Program

  • This program affords Michigan veterans opportunities to enhance current job skills while developing new ones. Additional benefits include:

    • Positions will be filled with local veterans, keeping them close to home or where they receive rehabilitation.
    • Veterans can compete for MDOT jobs or develop skills for jobs outside the department.
    • Veterans will be compensated at an hourly rate determined by the skill sets involved and particular position.
    • Veterans will be provided proper training and leadership.
    • Veterans will be provided reasonable accommodations.
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