Complaints about employee misconduct

Filing a complaint of misconduct: 

Complaints of misconduct may be filed with local commanders or with Internal Affairs at MSP Headquarters. 

Making a report locally:

Members of the public are encouraged to contact a local supervisor or commander by going to or calling the nearest state police post or district headquarters.  Locations and phone numbers can be found on the District and Post Directory Page.  Some complaints can be appropriately resolved by the supervisor.  Those not resolved will be referred to the Internal Affairs Unit, who will contact the person making the complaint. 

Making a report to MSP Headquarters:

Members of the public may file a complaint with MSP Headquarters by contacting the Internal Affairs Unit.  Persons wishing to make a report with Internal Affairs should complete a Public Complaint Against Employee form and submit it using one of the following methods:

  • By Mail:
    Michigan State Police
    Internal Affairs Unit
    P.O. Box 30634
    333 South Grand Ave.
    Lansing, MI 48909

  • By Fax: 517-241-0218

  • By E-Mail:

A person making a complaint will generally be contacted by a member of the Internal Affairs Unit within 3 business days.  If you have questions about a complaint, or if you have not been contacted within 3 business days, call Internal Affairs at 517-241-0204.