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Crime Scene Response

Each of the seven Michigan State Police Forensic Laboratories across the state offer crime scene and vehicle processing assistance to all law enforcement agencies at no cost. The types of crimes commonly responded to include but are not limited to homicides, suspicious deaths, excavations/exhumation, officer involved shootings and violent or serial assaults. Crime scene and vehicle requests for less serious crimes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

A laboratory Crime Scene Response Team (CSRT) and/or MSP Trooper Evidence Technician(s) will be dispatched when the crime scene or vehicle processing involves forensic evidence collection and when requested by the agency's Investigators and/or Evidence Technicians.


For vehicle processing requests, the requesting/investigating agency must arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to and picked up from the laboratory. Vehicles must be delivered and picked up with law enforcement personnel present to maintain proper chain of custody.


The crime scene will be photographed and documented through notes and sketches. Laboratory CSRT's will process the scene for latent and visible evidence relevant to the incident under investigation. Specialized techniques such as chemical enhancement, bloodstain pattern analysis and firearms trajectory analysis may also be employed at the crime scene.

Requests for crime scene response are made through the Michigan State Police Operations Center or MSP Regional Dispatch Centers.

Please call 1-800-525-5555 to reach the MSP Operations Center.