Firearms Instructor School

FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR SCHOOL is designed to train officers with the skills needed to become a firearms instructor.

The nature of police work in today's society requires all officers to be educated on the proper use of deadly force, thereby making the role of the firearms instructor critical. Law enforcement agencies throughout Michigan instruct their officers in firearms training by using personnel within their own organization. Quality instruction is necessary to ensure these in-house instructors have the skills necessary to train their own personnel.

This course will include training on:

  • Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • Revolver
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle
  • Training techniques for each weapon
  • Instructor Development
  • Vicarious Liability Awareness

Class Requirements:

  • Pass a course of fire for all weapons trained on - semi-auto pistol, revolver, shotgun, and rifle
  • Pass two written exams with an 80% or better
  • 100% participation

Equipment needed:

  • Department issued pistol (sidearm/service weapon)
  • Department issued shotgun
  • Department issued rifle
  • Department issued revolver
  • Fatigues/BDU's
  • Duty Belt
  • Baseball style hat
  • 1,500 pistol rounds (ball ammo)
  • 500 revolver rounds (wadcutter)
  • Ballistic vest
  • Appropriate outdoor attire (rain/cold etc.)
  • Flashlight
  • Training Gun (Red/Blue Gun) - if available
  • Simunition FX Conversion Kit for department weapon
  • Long sleeve attire needed for force on force training

Items provided:

  • Shotgun rounds
  • .223 rifle rounds

CONTACT: Ms. Kim Szczepaniak at 517-322-6319


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Firearms Instructor Schools are grant funded and preference may be given to MSP members.  All registrants will be placed on an approval list until the final class roster is approved, approximately one month prior to each school.  Attendees will be notified of approval at that time, and lodging at the Training Academy will be arranged as needed.