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    09/01/2016 SRO Announces 2015 Bottom Five list per MCL 380.1280c.

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    Our vision is to create the necessary conditions for a globally superior public education system. We want schools in the bottom 5% to be in the top 25% of the schools statewide.

    Table 1. Identification of PLA/Priority Schools: Closed (by district decision), Released, and Retained
    During the five-year period starting in 2010 there have been 331 schools identified as Persistently Lowest Achieving (PLA) or Priority. The PLA metric was used in both 2010 and 2011. Since 2012 the Top-to-Bottom metric has been implemented. Schools remain in their respective cohorts for at least four years.

    Priority/PLA Cohorts Exit Criteria
    Cohort Identified Statewide Closed Released Retained Release Year Assessment Participation AMOs Top-to-Bottom
    2010 92 30 281 34 2015 Yes Yes Yes
    2011 40 7 162 17 2015 Yes Yes Yes
    2012 88 23 303 35 2016 Yes Yes Yes
    2013 51 7 TBD TBD 2017 Yes Yes TBD
    2014 60 6 TBD TBD 2018 Yes Yes TBD
    Total 331 73 74 86  

    The number of schools that will be released from the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Cohorts will depend on the schools’ performance on all exit criteria. Schools must meet all the following three exit criteria:

    1. Top-to-Bottom Requirement (TTB):The school must have a TTB percentile rank of 5 or higher.
    2. Annual Measurable Objective (AMOs):The school must meet its AMOs for both math and reading in the all-students subgroup.
    3. Assessment Participation Requirement:The school must have at least a 95% participation rate on all required state assessments.

    1 This includes one Shared Educational Entity (SEE) that was not tabulated in the original release.
    2 This includes two buildings which are special education centers.
    3 This includes two buildings which are Shared Education Entities (SEE) and one building that missed its Mathematics target but whose 2014 Top-to-Bottom rank was 85.