News and Notices

  • Filing Deadlines and Due Dates
  • Sales tax licenses are now valid January to December of the tax year listed on the license.

    The following improvements to MTO took effect on January 17, 2017:

    • W-2 Upload
    • E-file Fuel Credit Refund
    • Payment Screen Redesign   
    • In-transit Sale Allocation on the Vehicle Dealer Supplemental Schedule
    • Return Submission Authorization Box Changes
    • Authorized Declaration–Power of Attorney (POA) Updates
  • Flow-Through Withholding Update

    Under Public Act 158 of 2016, Flow-Through Withholding (Form 4918) is no longer required for flow-through entities (FTEs) with tax years beginning after June 30, 2016. Treasury will no longer support the processing of forms or withholding payments for FTEs with tax years beginning after that date. For FTEs with tax years beginning before July 1, 2016, a full year’s withholding payments and annual return should be filed.