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Work Life Balance
Work Life Balance

Treasury Work-Life Balance

Here at Treasury, we believe our employees deserve a healthy lifestyle.

We offer hybrid or remote work options, fair compensation, professional development, opportunities for promotion, ample annual leave and respect for your personal life.
No 60-hour work weeks. No phone calls on the weekend.

We offer work-life balance, so you can do what you love on your time and be the best you can be for Treasury.

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Join the Treasury Team

The Michigan Department of Treasury is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all persons regardless of race, religion, color, sex, height, weight, marital status, national origin, age, and/or disability.

We are committed to providing fair and efficient financial services on behalf of taxpayers, governments, students, and all Michiganders.

Have questions or want to know more about joining the Treasury Team, email us at or let us contact you!

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Our Culture. Our Work. 

Culture, anywhere, is the shared beliefs, goals, and ideals that shape how we work, how we interact, and our perceptions of, well, everything. What makes Treasury a great place to work - our Employee Engagement, Culture of Service, and our Continuous Improvement. These are more than just the foundation upon which we are built, these are a commitment to you, a commitment to Michigan.  

Employee Engagement is Investing in You

Engaged employees are essential to our success. We value diverse perspectives, employee and leadership development and creating an environment where we can be our best selves.

Employee Engagement is:

  • Feeling heard, understood, valued and included by leadership
  • Seeing where you and your business area ‘fit’ into the organization
  • Leadership providing the tools that are necessary for employees to do their job efficiently and effectively
  • Having the desire not just to ‘do’, but to excel by applying discretionary effort to drive business outcomes
  • Feeling more than just satisfaction in your work; in fact, feeling a sense of involvement or ‘buy-in’
  • Bringing your ‘best self’ to work with you every day
  • Encouraging employees to try new approaches and take risks
  • Choosing to invest yourself into the organization, and to stay


Veteran ERG Habitat for Humanity event

A Culture of Service that Extends Beyond the Workplace

Our culture of service provides complete, accurate and timely services to our customers and colleagues.

It also extends beyond the workplace to give back to the communities that we serve and to the communities we call home. Culture of service gives purpose to our work at Treasury, adding purpose to what we do while creating value for others.

Culture of Service picture with Treasurer Eubanks

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Treasury’s culture of continuous improvement and employee engagement is a commitment made to foster inclusion and diversity while leveraging skills and abilities to provide exceptional customer service.

Continuous improvement is adapting and learning, making positive changes to what we do every day, and actively communicating the successes of our projects and hard work. We aim to take big ideas and bring them into our everyday Treasury experience.

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