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    If you have received an assessment or assessment number from the Michigan Department of Treasury, Office of Collections, please make your payment using Michigan Treasury's Collections e-Service. Please note, it is very important to use the proper payment system to ensure timely, accurate posting of your payment and to reduce the likelihood of further Collection action taken by Treasury.

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Sending Payments to Treasury If Your Refund is Offset (Held) to Pay a Debt Application for Extension to File Michigan Taxes PDF icon School District Codes Final Bill For Taxes Due Taxpayer Bill of Rights PDF icon Voluntary Disclosure by Taxpayer Michigan's Use Tax – Mail Order and Internet Purchases Short list of information concerning internet and mail-order purchase and Use Tax. Principal Residence Exemption Total Household Resources / Household Income

Total Household Resources or Household Income is used to determine eligibility for Homestead Property Tax Credit and Home Heating Credit. One of the most frequent reasons for adjustment or denial of these two credits is an error in reporting all income.

What are Total Household Resources?

Beginning in 2012, household income has been replaced with total household resources. Total household resources include all income (taxable and nontaxable) ... Withholding for Pension Recipients Withholding for Pension Administrators

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Taxpayer’s Guide to Identity Protection PDF icon Income Tax Act Income Tax Rules PDF icon IRS Information for Those Facing Trouble Meeting Tax Obligations PDF icon Mortgage Foreclosure or Home Repossession and Your Michigan Income Tax Return Renaissance Zones Visit the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's Web site for more information on Michigan's Renaissance Zones. Legal (Revenue Administrative Bulletins, Directives, Statutes) Penalty and Interest Added for Filing or Paying Late The Revenue Act provides penalty and interest if a taxpayer fails to pay a tax within the time specified. Contact Treasury Frequently Asked Questions City Tax Forms by City IRS Web Site State Tax Agency Web Site (Courtesy of the Federation of Tax Administrators) Choosing a Tax Preparer Who is Right for You Pension & Retirement Benefits – 2012 2012 Farmers and Fishermen Estimated Tax Penalty Relief Michigan farmers and fishermen will not be subject to penalty and interest for underpayment of estimated tax if they file their 2012 income tax returns and pay the entire tax due by April 15, 2013.