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Suite L-150

517-335-6877 |  dtmb-realestate@michig

  • This premium suite boasts a corner location on W Grand Blvd and 2nd Avenue, with exterior access. The space is now ideally suited for a restaurant, or retail use.
  • 4,721 useable square feet on Ground Floor.
  • Access to West Grand Boulevard and Arcade.


Cadillac Place:
  • This full-service building maintains a first-floor facility supervisor office, providing quick service and directing laborers, painters and skilled tradespeople onsite.
  • Cadillac Place houses approximately 1,700 State of Michigan employees and daily visitors in 1.4 million square feet of office space.
  • Over one dozen executive branch agencies, plus courtrooms and an office for the Governor.
  • The building already houses a barber, two banks, retail facilities and food service providers.
  • Tunnel access to the Fisher Building.
  • Bridge access to New Center One Building and the Cass Avenue parking garage.
  • Two dedicated elevators for retail use.