The tables below provide information about COVID-19 outbreaks associated with educational institutions, as reported by local health departments each week to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

In accordance with the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists' outbreak definition, educational institutions (i.e., grades K-12 and institutions of higher education) that have been found by their local health department to have two (2) or more COVID-19 cases who may have shared exposure on school grounds and are from different households are included. Case counts for school-related outbreaks include those associated with before and after school programs (e.g., school-sponsored sports). When applicable, outbreak reporting also includes cases originating from on-campus and off-campus student housing.  

If your institution is listed, the local health department and school are investigating the outbreak and will contact you directly if you (or your minor/child) were possibly exposed to coronavirus on the school grounds. Please note that students or staff who were exposed to COVID-19 outside of school grounds AND are not thought to have spread the disease on the school grounds (due to quarantine, self-isolation, etc.) are not included in the tables below.

New outbreaks are those outbreaks that were first identified during the current reporting week.  Ongoing outbreaks are those that had already been identified in previous weeks but have had at least one new associated case reported to the local health department in the last 28 days. New and ongoing outbreaks are counted only once (i.e., a new outbreak is not also counted in the ongoing outbreak category). Outbreaks will be removed for the list when there are no new confirmed or probable COVID-19 cases identified after 28 days have passed since the last known school exposure from a case.

Many factors, including the lack of ability to conduct effective contact tracing in certain settings, may result in underreporting of outbreaks. This information does not provide a complete picture of school-related outbreaks in Michigan and the absence of identified outbreaks in an educational institution in no way provides evidence that, in fact, that school is not experiencing an outbreak.

Michigan schools are working hard to maintain a safe environment while also providing quality education. Should you have questions or concerns about this information, please contact your school.

Wearing a mask (covering mouth and nose), social distancing (maintaining a distance of 6 feet apart), frequent handwashing (using soap for 20 seconds or hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol), and following capacity restrictions of social gatherings are some of the most effective ways to slow the spread of COVID-19. If you, or someone close to you, are sick or have symptoms, you can get tested

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New School Outbreaks - None


Ongoing School Outbreaks
Local Health Department Name County School Name School Address City School grades Cumulative # of Cases Staff, Students, or Both Date Added to Website
Washtenaw County Public Health Washtenaw  University of Michigan  Ann Arbor Ann Arbor College - undergraduate 5 Staff  

*Case counts for the last 28 days, not cumulative.