• On January 8, 2021, the State of Michigan announced a goal for all Pre-K-12 school districts to offer an in-person learning option for students by March 1, 2021. COVID-19 testing is not a requirement for schools to return to in-person learning. Schools that follow existing guidance carefully and diligently are not considered major risks for outbreaks. However, testing is one of many tools that, together, can be used to allow for safe in-person instruction. To support schools that incorporate COVID-19 testing into their plans to resume in-person learning, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is offering rapid antigen testing to in Pre-K-12 schools. 

  • MI Safe Schools Office Hours

    Join MDHHS representatives weekly on Fridays (9 – 9:30am) for an open session to answer any questions related to the MI Safe Schools & MI Safer Sports Testing Programs. There is no set agenda for these sessions, and your questions will drive these meetings. The informal sessions are intended to help provide additional support to schools/districts that are participating in the testing programs. Please bring any questions, concerns or suggestions to the meeting.

    Fridays 9 – 9:30 am

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