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Mask Up, Mask Right

Mask Hero 1-28-2022

Mask Up, Mask Right

Research shows that masks can greatly reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19, especially when approximately 40% of those who have COVID-19 may be asymptomatic. We can only contain the virus and keep Michigan open if everyone stays careful and masks up when they leave home, whether they feel sick or not.

CDC Guidance for the Use of Masks

Understanding Personal and Household Risk



Free KN95 Masks

Masks are available through MDHHS offices, local health departments, Area Agency on Aging offices, Community Action Agencies and Federally Qualified Health Centers

Some agencies will further distribute the masks to local partners such as homeless shelters.

Michiganders are asked to refer to the organizations' websites or social media sites to find out about mask availability as opposed to calling.

Feb 2021 Mask Up-03

How a Mask Works

  • COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact.

  • All of us have droplets in coughs and sneezes that can carry COVID-19 to others.

  • Coughs spray droplets at least 6 feet. Sneezes travel as far as 27 feet. Droplets also may spread when we talk or raise our voice.

  • These droplets can land on your face or in your mouth, eyes and nose.

  • When you wear a mask, it keeps more of your droplets with you.

  • A mask also adds an extra layer of protection between you and other people’s droplets. 

Mask Risk Infographic

How NOT to Wear a Mask

CDC - How-Not-to-Wear-Mask-section-11.18.21