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Amendment to Gatherings and Face Mask Order

The order issued on December 18, 2020, entitled Emergency Order under MCL 333.2253 – Gatherings and Face Mask Order, is amended as follows:

Section 6(a) is replaced with the following text:

  1. Gatherings for the purpose of indoor organized sports and contact organized sports are prohibited unless all participants, teams, and venues comply with the enhanced testing regimen specified in the Testing and Additional Mitigation Measures for Athletic Practice and Play During Statewide Athletics ‘Pause’ section of MDHHS’s document entitled Interim Guidance for Athletics, or a school is participating in an MDHHS testing pilot program. Sports organizers complying with this section may host gatherings for the purpose of practice and competition notwithstanding the gathering prohibitions in section 2.”

This amendment takes effect immediately.


Date:January 4, 2021

Robert Gordon, Director

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

January 4 - Amendment to Gatherings and Face Mask Order (PDF)