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Governor's Office Executive Directives

ED 2020-02 - Public Meetings of State of Michigan Public Bodies During the COVID-19 Emergency

ED 2020-03Restrictions on State Discretionary Spending During the COVID-19 Emergency

ED 2020-04 - Moratorium on State Hiring, Creation of New Positions, Filling Vacant Positions, Transfers, and Promotions

ED 2020-05 - Creating the COVID-19 Office of Accountability

ED 2020-06 Creation of COVID-19 Office of Worker Safety and Instructions to Departments and Agencies on Worker Safeguards

ED 2020-07 -  Improving equity in the delivery of health care

ED 2020-08 -  COVID-19 and enforcement by state departments and agencies

ED 2020-09 - Addressing Racism as a Public Health Crisis