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For Health Care Providers

How can providers prescribe COVID-19 therapeutics to patients?

Clinicians caring for COVID-19 patients should be aware of the availability of these important life-saving medications and consider use when clinically indicated. When prescribing COVID-19 treatments, health care providers can use the following tools:

For an overview of mild to moderate COVID-19 outpatient therapies:

For the management of Paxlovid drug-drug-interactions:

To see what locations currently have COVID-19 therapeutics.

What is Test to Treat?

The Test to Treat program is a nationwide initiative launched by the federal government to ensure rapid access to no-cost COVID-19 oral medications for individuals who have tested positive for COVID–19, who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms, and who are at high risk for severe disease including hospitalization and/or death. Test to Treat sites will provide COVID-19 tests, determine eligibility of COVID-19 patients to receive COVID-19 therapy, and prescribe medication that patients can fill on-site or at affiliated pharmacies.