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Long Term Care Data

This page is subject to change as a result of the end of the Public Health Emergency Order on 5/11/2023. Data will be updated as usual the week of 5/15/2023, and changes will go into effect the week of 5/22/2023. Anticipated changes are described below.

Due to the expiration of the federal public health emergency (PHE) order on 5/11/2023, weekly COVID-19 case totals will no longer be updated for Adult Foster Care (AFC) and Homes for the Aged (HFA), or by individual facility. Data received through this PHE requirement has ensured that MDHHS and partnering agencies have had the information necessary to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, providing an understanding of the impact on residents and facilities, and identified resource needs and supported prioritization of public health action. Aggregate state-wide COVID-19 cases and deaths among nursing home or Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) residents and staff will continue to be reported according to Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) requirements. Facility-level information can be accessed here:


Weekly Surveillance Data Reporting

The information below represents COVID-19 data reported directly to MDHHS by licensed and operating Skilled Nursing, Home for the Aged and Adult Foster Care facilities (licensed to serve 13 or more individuals) in Michigan from January 1, 2020 through May 9, 2023. All long-term care facilities additionally have an obligation to report COVID-positive residents and/or staff to their Local Health Department. Ensuring accurate and timely reporting by those facilities subject to MDHHS reporting requirements was a priority for the State of Michigan. The data was leveraged to guide state efforts and ensured sufficient support was provided where it is needed most, as well as to allow transparency for residents and families. MDHHS conducted ongoing data validation processes and worked with the Institute for Health Policy at Michigan State University to support additional validation exercises on the data. When a facility was flagged for a validation concern, the department worked with the Regional Health Care Coalition, conducted direct outreach, and provided technical assistance to the facility. Facilities were provided the opportunity to correct entry errors identified during the validation process on an ongoing basis, therefore total case and death counts were best used to gauge the general impact of COVID-19 on this population and not to compare week over week change. All data presented is considered provisional and may change as facilities correct or add data.

The following is a graphical presentation of cumulative resident and staff COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths, and weekly report of PPE supply availability and testing conducted*. Please view in full screen mode for optimal user experience. A downloadable file of data for all facilities is available here.        

*Changes to federal reporting requirements may impact what data is collected and publicly reported by Michigan’s long-term care facilities.

Note: MDHHS conducts ongoing data quality and validation exercises that may result in additional corrections in the future.