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TO:  Department Directors and Autonomous Agency Heads
FROM:  Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
DATE:  October 28, 2003
SUBJECT: Membership in Associations and Organizations

State government participates in many associations and organizations. Many of these organizations provide valuable information on programs and policies of other units of government that are addressing many of the same issues facing the State Michigan.  On some occasions these organizations engage in advocacy on public policy issues before the state and federal government and international bodies.

To ensure the maximum effectiveness from the state’s participation in such organizations, it is important that affiliations and memberships with these groups be identified and coordinated.  Such coordination will allow state departments and agencies access to information on wide-ranging policy matters and allow statewide fiscal oversight of expenditures related to membership in the organizations.

Accordingly, I direct that all payments of membership dues in associations or organizations, whether for the state as a whole, a department, an agency, or a unit within a department or agency, funded with state funds shall be made only after review and approval by the State Budget Director.

Executive Directive 1995-1 is rescinded.  This Directive is effective immediately.

Your assistance and fiscally responsible action, and the continued hard work of state employees in these difficult times are greatly appreciated.

Jennifer M. Granholm