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TO:  Department Directors and Autonomous Agency Heads
FROM:  Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
DATE:  July 31, 2006
SUBJECT:  Electricity Conservation Measures

Extremely high temperatures currently are affecting the State of Michigan.  The extreme heat has triggered record demand for electricity.  The Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) projects that demand for electricity will reach a record level today.  Accordingly, I direct the following:


A.  Until further notice, state departments and agencies and employees of state departments and agencies shall take the following actions to further reduce electricity use:

1.  Raise the temperature at all air-conditioned state buildings and facilities to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, except when a lower temperature is required to:  (1) protect the health or safety of state employees or Michigan residents; or (2) maintain computer network facilities in a temperature controlled setting.

2.  Turn off lights when not in use, including, but not limited to, non-essential overhead lighting in natural-lit areas and lighting in unoccupied rooms, equipment rooms, and storage areas.

3.  Reduce lighting use as appropriate, including, but not limited to, use of task lights rather than overhead lights at work spaces, discontinued use of decorative lighting, signage, or other indoor and outdoor lighting, except as necessary for safety and security.  Lighting used for safety and security should be maintained at the lowest acceptable levels.

4.  Avoid the use of electric-powered heavy machinery or equipment, including, but not limited to, copiers, printers, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers, until after 7 p.m., whenever possible.

5.  Keep doors and windows closed whenever possible to prevent loss of cooled air.

6.  Close blinds or other window coverings on all solar exposed windows during appropriate times of the day or when rooms are not in use to block direct sunlight.  However, when not in direct sunlight, blinds or other window coverings should be opened to reduce or eliminate the need for overhead lighting.

7.  Restrict the use of portable electric-powered devices to essential functions whenever possible.

8.  Turn off computers and monitors when not in use.  At the end of each business day computers, copiers, and other electronic devices should be powered down.

B.  When implementing this Directive, the Department of Management and Budget shall seek to reduce the use of lighting in state buildings by 50 percent.

C.  While this Directive remains effective, the Department of Management and Budget shall reduce elevator usage at state buildings.  When a state building contains multiple elevators, the Department of Management and Budget shall reduce operational elevators by half, unless the reduction would threaten public health or safety.  State employees in affected buildings are encouraged to use stairs whenever possible.


A.  Other governmental entities within the State of Michigan not subject to supervision by the Governor under Section 8 of Article V of the Michigan Constitution of 1963, including, but not limited to, the legislative and judicial branches of state government, Michigan’s public universities and community colleges, counties, cities, villages, townships, and other governmental authorities are urged to actively participate in the electricity conservation measures outlined in this Directive.


A.  This Directive is effective immediately.

B.  This Directive remains in effect through Wednesday, August 2, 2006, unless earlier rescinded.