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TO:            Department Directors and Autonomous Agency Heads
FROM:       Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
DATE:        October 8, 2009
SUBJECT:  Implementation of Executive Order 2009-45 
                  Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Today I issued Executive Order 2009-45 ("the Order") to consolidate state government functions related to the natural resources of the state within a new Department of Natural Resources and Environment and abolish the Departments of Natural Resources and Environmental Quality.  This consolidation will not only eliminate unnecessary duplication and facilitate more effective and efficient coordination of policies, programs, and functions related to these resources, but it will better enable the state to conserve, manage, protect, and promote Michigan's environmental, natural resource and related economic interests for current and future generations.
The Order is, by its terms, effective January 17, 2010 and, until December 7, 2009, remains subject to a 60-day review period under Section 2 of Article V of the Michigan Constitution of 1963.  In the interim, I am directing departments and agencies affected by the Order to begin preparations for implementation of the Order on January 17, 2010.  Accordingly, I direct:

A.  Until a Director is appointed under Section II.B of the Order, I designate Bruce Rasher as the Transition Manager who shall be responsible for coordination of the implementation of the transfers to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment under this Order and who shall do all of the following:

1.  Immediately initiate coordination with the principal departments affected by the transfers under the Order to facilitate the transfers. 

2.  Provide a report to the Governor by no later than December 31, 2009 that includes all of the following:

a.  A suggested organization structure that serves to meet the mission and goals of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

b.  A proposed transformation in the way the state manages environmental quality to meet the needs of the 21st century that focuses on environmental integrity rather than concentrate on permitting.

c.  A proposed consolidation of offices and the elimination of offices and building space.

d.  Proposed opportunities for the elimination of redundancies in program responsibilities and the services provided by other units of state government.

e.  Proposed elimination of archaic or obsolete laws or regulations.

f.  Proposed opportunities for the improved online interaction between the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the citizens of this state.

g.  Identification of programs or tasks that can be more efficiently performed by other state agencies or the private sector.

h.  Proposed elimination, reduction, or reconfiguration of existing contracts, boards, commissions, and committees in order to achieve greater efficiencies and effectiveness.

B.  By no later than October 15, 2009, each director of a principal department affected by Executive Order 2009-45 shall designate an individual to serve as a transition coordinator for that department and transmit the name and contact information for that individual to the Governor and the Transition Manager.

C.  The principal departments affected by the transfers under the Order shall issue, after consultation with the Transition Manager, a memorandum of record identifying any pending cases, settlements, issues of compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations, or other obligations to be resolved by the transferring departments related to the transfers under the Order.

D.  The Transition Manager shall provide executive direction and supervision for the implementation of all transfers to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment under the Order.

E.  Departments and agencies and state officers shall fully and actively cooperate with the Transition Manager in the implementation of the Order and this Directive.  The Transition Manager may request the assistance of other Departments and agencies and state officers with respect to personnel, budgeting, procurement, telecommunications, information systems, legal services, and other management-related functions, and such departments and agencies shall provide such assistance.

Your assistance will ensure a smooth transition for the new Department of Natural Resources and Environment.  Thank you in advance for your attention to this effort.